Our main business objective is to deliver complex services related to software development, implementation and innovation of information systems and their ecosystem, especially in the field of banking and financial services.


Virtualisation & migrations

Legacy virtualisation is a technique to replace an old, discontinued, and often unsupported server(s) still being used for mission critical applications which cannot be easily migrated to a modern "commodity" platform or even to the cloud environment.

This kind of systems are usually far behind their lifetime and generate various operational risks. Operators of such systems are not always aware of cross-virtualisation solutions and are trying to keep the old systems running for any price only to avoid reimplementing the application itself -- which would take months to years and investments not only in IT, but also training, certification, and similar.

Our solution is a simple migration of the old software from the old hardware, to the new hardware, with no software change, so that the application, its users and operators won't observe any difference.

To achieve this, we are using Stromasys products which allow us and our customers to achieve all the past investments while removing the operational risks of decades old hardware.

We support DIGITAL PDP-11 running RSX‑11M or RT‑11, VAX running (Open)VMS, Alpha running (Open)VMS or Tru64/DigitalUNIX/OSF1, SPARC (sun4m, sun4u, sun4v) running most of the Solaris versions, HP‑UX on HP9000 and MPE/iX on HP3000.

Check OpenVMS.cz for more.

Technology & consulting

In order to achieve the highest possible efficiency of both our developers and customers, we are following selected technologies and practices that have been continuously evolving since the year of 1991.

Our main data platform is built around the MUMPS standard and its implementation of YottaDB (formerly known as FIS GT.M). Middleware and application layer is built on a highly flexible, scalable and cloud-friendly Erlang/OTP technology. Integrated user interfaces are built using IWS (IDEA WebSystem) and standalone lightweight apps are built with ReactJS and Progressive Web Applications principles where applicable.

In the case of infrastructure, we work mainly with Ansible, Terraform and Kubernetes, across all the major cloud providers — Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Azure. All the infrastructure is always treated as a software project with its own CI/CD cycle and processes.

When it comes to the collaboration and process automation, we follow tools and methods produced and defined by GitLab company.

We work with customers — other software teams of various sizes and around the world — and help them achieve their goals using our experience and processes.



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